A Cube TIC


Born in 2003 as AJA Europe, A Cube TIC represents the most recent evolution of our company. Building on our history, in 2022 we changed our name to become A Cube TIC: an organisation that provides a wide range of services for the quality, safety, sustainability and performance of systems, products and people.

As a leader in Analysis, Assessment and Assurance, we support companies of all dimensions, international groups and institutions that want to improve their operational performance and corporate image.

Relying on a dense network of local organisations that are part of A Cube TIC Group, we are able to provide diversified certification, assessment, inspection, assistance and training solutions for the global market.

So, whether you are a small-sized company operating locally, a multinational operating on a global scale or a professional, A Cube TIC provides you with customised services that give you concrete and internationally recognised solutions to your needs.

A Cube TIC holds numerous accreditations and / or awards through companies related to it. It operates through a network of local offices subject to management and coordination by the Group itself. The local offices are tasked with the assessment and the ownership of the economic-financial relationships with the client organizations.

Present in all the main countries of the world, with more than 30 offices and over 70,000 clients processed, A Cube TIC offers a complete range of services in the areas of inspections, conformity assessments, technical assistance, training, and certification.

The Accreditation Bodies, A Cube TIC is working with, are all members of the MLA – International Accreditation Forum (IAF). Participation in the MLA Agreements guarantees the competence and procedural rigor of the signing body, as well as the uniformity of its mode of operation with respect to that of the other signatory entities.

Therefore, the attestations of conformity issued by Subjects accredited by Accreditation Bodies signing the MLA agreements are valid and credible, as they are subject to the control of a competent Accreditation Body, as well as being equivalent to each other, and as such universally accepted and recognised, since issued in a context of homogeneous rules and procedures.

For more information on mutual recognition agreements – MLA, visit the website of the European Cooperation for Accreditation – EA, of the International Accreditation Forum – IAF or Accredia.

AJA Europe currently owns the following accreditations/recognitions:

  • UKAS United Kingdom Accreditation Services – System Certification ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 22000, ISO 13485, ISO 45001 (ISO 17021)
  • EFfCI – European Federation for Cosmetics Ingredients
  • SAC Singapore Accreditation Council – GDPMDS (Good Distribution Practice for Medical Devices) Certification, ISO 9001, ISO 45001 (ISO 17021)
  • GNI – Global Network Initiative
  • ACCREDIA - several Products Certification Schemes (ISO 17024)
  • ACCREDIA - several Persons Certification Schemes (ISO 17065)
  • ACCREDIA - IFCC Certification (ISO 17021)
  • European Commission notification for Construction Products
  • Italian Ministry of Infrastructure and Transportation for Construction Products

WEBSITE: www.acubetic.com